Dicks, Assholes, and Cunts … ;

People ARE Dicks, Assholes, and Cunts #flushyourmeds … ;

by Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry … ;

I gave up on the Holocaust Myth , Israel , The Mossad , Zionism and the

Two Party Political System and TV and Radio Octades Ago Period … ;

Fuck Israel , Fuck the Democrats and R’s , Fuck Political Correctness … ;

Fuck Zionism , Why the Hell is it illegal in some C to Deny The Holocaust???

In a world of Dog Eat Dog, Democratic Mob Rule, Despotism, Communism,

Marxism, Technocracy, Globalism, Zionism, Everything is Might is Right,

Survival of the Fittest Period, There is no True Liberty, Equality, Fraternity or

Even Meritocracy or True Freedom we are OWNED by The Dist of Columbia ;

We always were a British Crown Colony Corporation and if you don’t fight,

You get fucked, Always Expect a Razor Blade from a Free Hand Job, Always

expect others to clean your clocks if you can’t fucking fight and steal all you

are is money and everything from you as you are treated as mere dollars ;

Expect those lovely Redheads to Clean Your Clocks if you don’t respond like

a Real Man Should Respond Not a Weakling, The Martyrs of Prayer and Religion

are all Weaklings and Might is Right Survival of the Fittest, you petty people do not

see that Freedom , Fraternity , Equality , Liberty are All Colossal Falsehoods Period ;

I will End This My Master Key of Wankedom and Retardedness and Linux Such :

Jews are The Bad Elite , Vikings , Druids , Celts , Pagans The Good Elite PER … ;

S Shit Linux Ventoy BIOS PW RAMD CALC Linux NO-Networkd-Dispatcher ;

De-google the Phone Alphanumeric PW , F-DROID > Netguard > BLOCK/DIS ;

Could only afford Tracfone on Disability along with my Lenovo T400/420 ;

Only MP3 Player Sony-ICD-PX 470 Sennheiser HD1 Koss KTX Pro1 ;

I have to record the V2K and Put it online to show you I AM FUCKED ;

I am on a Terrorist Watch-list to undergo Organized Stalking 24/7/365 ;


# Website : Flushyourmeds*com Archvive*today*org Perma*cc ;

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