CHANGELOG! [Open raw]
- Fixed a glitch that allowed users to set their name to nothing. (Thank you @slut on RF for reporting)
- Fixed a glitch that allowed users to post pastes without a title. (Thank you @slut on RF for reporting)
- Fixed Self-XSS Vulnerability when posting a paste. (Thank you @Unkn0wX on RF for reporting)
- Fixed titles being escaped multiple times instead of once, causing them to look weird.

- Changed the look of the "Pastes DB" page.
- Fixed editing your paste so it works much better. 
- Search has now been integrated into the pastes page (
  Feel free to message us with any suggestions you may have, always open to
  new ideas ;)

- Updated the Pastes DB Page, now shows more information about the pastes.
- Fixed error by previous owner that could've led to reflected XSS.

- Logging in is now way faster.
- Changed max text limit for paste titles to 100. 
- You can now edit and/or delete your pastes posted with "Anonymously", as long as
  you're logged in. You can control your pastes on the SkidBin Dashboard,
- Captcha is now mandatory for all users. (Due to bots making accounts to post)

- Redid Users page (
- Fixed font type while posting a paste. How the paste looks before you post it now
  reflects how it will look once posted.

- Fixed file-upload for profile photos.
- Text no longer overflows on the homepage. 
- Switched back to hcaptcha for now until we find a good captcha solution that is non-js. 

- Fixed loads of bugs (Text overflowing on pages, pastes not posting).
- API Currently disabled, will be fixed soon.

- API Added, you can now post pastes via your cli.

- Added CSRF Tokens to logging out, editing pastes, and more.
- Added noindex meta tags to pastes that are private and unlisted so Google won't index them.

- Improved the homepage for logged in users, you can now post a paste using your account
( Before you would have to go to ).
- Fixed text overflowing issues
- Added custom 403/404 pages
- Fixed bug that wasn't allowing users to delete or edit pastes.

- Glitch making it so some users cannot login has been fixed.

- Fixed 404 page for when a paste isn't found.
- Fixed mobile navigation issues, site is now 100% mobile accessible.

- Fully redesigned website.

- Added a footer to the website.
- You can now delete your comments via the dashboard.  (
- The Settings page is now accessible via the navbar when logged in.
- Settings and Dashboard page redesigned.

- Changed button type when choosing paste privacy so only one option can be selected at a time.
- Fixed issue with unlisted pastes being posted as public pastes.

- Fixed issue with date comment posted not showing.
- Fixed profile dropdown in navigation bar.

- Released new SkidBin.
- Fixed issue with commenting when not logged in.

- Fixed MySQL messing up due to a default value not being set for some columns.
- Fixed title length breaking pages, title limit is now 50 characters.

- Fixed old CSS

- Fixed old CSS

- Redid how commenting works, comments will now show as posted by you when logged in.
- Upgraded to newer Bootstrap version, still working on fully fixing all old code. If
you encounter any CSS mess ups, I am (most likely) already aware and taking care of it.

- Added the ability to edit your pastes. (, edit button)
- Fixed issues with setting a profile picture.

- You can now delete your pastes that are unlisted or private via the user dashboard. (
- Added namecolor for admins so you can tell them apart from normal users.
- Fixed issue that *could* lead to stored XSS in the "about" section when editing your account.

- Added captcha to login page/signup page to prevent automated signup.

- Added a "Users" tab ( Still being worked on. You can currently see most recent joins
and most viewed users.
- Removed all accounts with email addresses with the domains "", "", "", "", due to spam/abuse.
- Removed all accounts with a .xyz, .best, or .top TLD for their email address. (Do real people even use any of those?)
- ^ If your account was incorrectly deleted due to any of these changes contact support & it will be restored.

- Removed light-theme, dark theme is now the default & only theme. Feature that allows choosing a theme in settings
is in the works.
- Removed the requirement for needing an email address during signup.

- Fixed, will now work if you're logged in or not.
- Converted all pastes to proper UTF-8 Format. If you notice any text parsing errors, please email us so we can look into it.
- Changed reCAPTCHA to hCaptcha due to privacy concerns / costs.
- Removed all comments with "<a href=", "[url=http" and "[url]http" in them due to spam.

- User system added
- Dark theme improved

- Google reCAPTCHA support added for dark theme

- Dark theme added

- Export as PDF now available

- Fixed issue with posting comments

- Index has been minified to decrease load time
- New Paste form has been modified
- Google reCAPTCHA has been added

- "Top 50 Viewed" and "Top 50 Characters" has been added to Pastes DB
- Buy Sticky image has been changed

- Searching has been fixed

- Fixed a typo when searching

- Paste title no longer removes whitespaces
- Changelog has now its own page instead of being a txt

- Max paste characters changed from 100.000 to 1.000.000

- Changed textbox font & borders of when posting a paste
- Searching now shows amount of results

- Added a popup version for posting pastes
- Moved the 3 links in sidebar navigation below the horizontal line
- PayPal option added in Support Us page
- Removed the "Buy Sticky" button below stickied pastes

- Database has been optimized; pages now load x20 faster
- Changelog & Buy Sticky links have been moved from About page to sidebar navigation
- Fixed an issue with some pastes not showing the content

- Fixed a typo with links in Pastes DB

- Link to our ToS has been added under sidebar navigation
- Pastes DB now shows recent 100 pastes
- Pastes DB now has a "Load all pastes" button to load our entire pastes list

- Future posted pastes will now show seconds on their date
- Fixed position of the "View Comments" button
- Hovering your mouse over the date in comments will now show the full date of comment

- Website statistics has been moved from sidebar to About page
- About page has been improved

- New design for pastes page
- Fixed a typo in unlisted pastes
- Added "Characters" and "Words" column in Pastes DB & Search
- Title of downloaded pastes no longer shows date
- Fixed html code rendering on RAW pastes
- You can now sort everything on Pastes DB & Search

- Pastes with no title when posted will be automatically named "Untitled"

- Added notice message on private/unlisted pastes

- About page has been improved

- Max comment characters changed from 50 to 150

- Added "Recently Deleted Pastes" to Pastes page

- Self-Destruct option has been added
- Fixed issue with Search page

- Added "Scroll Up" button on bottom-right corner of few pages
- Title of paste is no longer a link inside their page

- Max title characters changed from 40 to 100

- Hit counter has been removed

- Pastes now show in a new format
- Anti-XSS has been added to the paste title

- Max paste characters changed from 20,000 to 100,000
- Index and About page have been edited
- RAW has been improved. Now it shows exactly like the paste
- Export as PNG now available

- Added option to private paste when posting (private pastes are unsearch-able)
- Made their titles click-able when viewing a paste

- Moved logo and support signature from all pages to 'About' page
- Site now loads faster. 0.9s > 0.5s
- Text is no longer deleted if you fail captcha
- New page 'Support Us'
- Added Total Stickies on navigation bar
- We now have a Twitter account! Follow us at @SkidBinNET

- You can now download pastes as .txt & .png
- Sticky pastes have been added! Visit for more information
- Added option to unlist paste when posting
- Increased 10,000 characters limit to 20,000

- URL is now

- Changelog is now public

- Optimized the website for SEO
- Fixed total comments saying 0 in a specific page

- Some colors have been fixed up to make the website look better

- SkidBin Reborn has been released