SkidBin - API Docs 

API Documentation for SkidBin.

Warning: API Is currently disabled. It will be back soon once it is reworked.

Creating a paste endpoint:

POST Parameters:
Valid values: selfdestruct, unlisted, private, or public.
Optional. If no privacy parameter is defined, or the value is invalid, it will default to public.

Valid values: Any string under 50 Characters.
Optional. If your title goes over the limit, your title will be truncated. If you do not specify a title it will default to "Untitled".

Valid values: true, false.
Optional. Value defaults to false if not specified or value is invalid.

Valid values: Working API Key.
Required. Without a valid API key your paste will not post. You can get an API key for free from your account settings.

Valid values: Any text value. 5,000,000 is the limit for characters.
Required. If you try to post a paste with no text, you will be met with an error. If your paste goes over the text limit, your paste will be truncated. If the paste is too big, say you try to post a paste with 15,000,000 lines, it will not post at all. So try to stay under 5,000,000 characters.

Post a paste titled "Hey Whats Up" which is unlisted and includes the content of the file "tutorial.txt".

curl -d 'privacy=unlisted&title=Hey Whats Up&key=3ecde7eb6be9cf6974789c72ad88924d' --data-urlencode text@tutorial.txt


Post a paste titled "Untitled" which is public and says "Hello this is just a test".

curl -d 'privacy=public&key=3ecde7eb6be9cf6974789c72ad88924d&text=Hello this is just a test'


Post a paste titled "Secret" which will self destruct upon viewing, is posted anonymously, and contains the contents of /etc/passwd.

curl -d 'privacy=selfdestruct&key=3ecde7eb6be9cf6974789c72ad88924d&title=secret&anonymous=true' --data-urlencode text@/etc/passwd