Skidbin - About 

Q: Are the pastes posted here anonymous?
A: We do not keep any form of tracking that links you to pastes you post. At most, we may get your IP Address and User agent in our logs. Access logs on our server are wiped every 6 hours automatically, and they are only kept if we get DDoSed so we can find the source. CloudFlare may also keep a copy of this data for a short period of time. If you're really about your IP Address being exposed online, we recommend using a VPN. Here is a list of good Providers. We also have a hidden service if you don't have a VPN, so you can post anonymously.
Q: What is the onion address for Skidbin?
Q: How do I get a paste pinned?
A: You can buy a sticky here.
Q: How do I delete my account?
A: Contact us with your account username and we can delete it for you. Once you contact us, we will have you confirm that you have access to the account.
Q: How do I contact staff?
A: You can contact us by looking at the listed methods here.
Q: Do you accept ideas for the website?
A: Yes, you can let us know your ideas by contacting us. If you think something would be good for Skidbin, please send us your recommendation(s) as we do look at them.
Q: Do you save deleted pastes?
A: No, once a paste is deleted it's no longer stored in our database.
Q: How can we trust you?
A: You can't, and you shouldn't. Use Tor to post pastes which you want to post anonymously.