Skidbin - About 

Q: Are the pastes posted here anonymous?
A: We do not keep any form of tracking that links you to pastes you post. All we get is your IP address, User-Agent, and URL you requested in our logs. Access logs on our server are wiped every 6 hours automatically. The only reason they are enabled is so we can mitigate DDoS attacks. Cloudflare may also keep a copy of this data for a short period. If you care about your IP Address being exposed online, we recommend using a VPN. Here is a list of good Providers. We also have a hidden service if you don't have/can't afford a VPN, so you can post anonymously.
Q: What is the onion address for Skidbin?
Q: How do I get a paste pinned?
A: You can buy a sticky here.
Q: Do you accept ideas for the website?
A: Yes, you can let us know your ideas by contacting us. If you think something would be good for Skidbin, please send us your recommendation(s) as we do look at them.
Q: Do you save deleted pastes?
A: No, once a paste is deleted it's no longer stored in our database.
Q: How can we trust you?
A: You can't, and you shouldn't. Use Tor to post pastes which you want to post anonymously.