Skidbin - About

Q: Are the pastes posted here anonymous?
A: We do not keep any form of tracking that links you to pastes you post long-term. All we get is your IP address, User-Agent, and URL you requested in our logs. Access logs on our server are wiped every 6 hours automatically. The only reason they are enabled is so we can mitigate DDoS attacks // stop view botting. Cloudflare may also keep a copy of this data for a short period. If you care about your IP Address being exposed online, we recommend using a VPN.
Q: How do I get a paste pinned?
A: You can buy a sticky here.
Q: Do you accept ideas for the website?
A: Yes, you can let us know your ideas by contacting us. If you think something would be good for Skidbin, please send us your recommendation(s) as we do look at them.
Q: Do you save deleted pastes?
A: No, once a paste is deleted it's no longer stored in our database.
Q: How do I edit my paste?
A: You can only edit pastes that you've posted while logged in. If you were logged in when you posted the paste and you should be able to edit it. Here is a screenshot of what it should look like.
Q: What is Skidbin for? What can I post on here?
A: Skidbin is a website for sharing text. Inspiried by Pastebin and other pasting websites, we strive to offer the best experience for sharing text online. You're also free to share code, information, or anything else which is in a text format and doesn't violate our ToS.
Q: Does that mean "Doxing" is allowed?
A: While we do allow "Doxing" to an extent, this is only because we believe in people being free to share whatever they please. This website is not dedicated to Doxing, i.e. how "Doxbin" only allows doxes. We will never delete a paste due to our personal opinions, or due to pressure from 3rd parties. If a paste is ever deleted, it's either due to it being illegal, or it violating our ToS. You can always reach out to us and ask why your paste was deleted if you are confused.
Q: How can we trust you?
A: You can't, and you shouldn't. Use Tor or a VPN to post pastes which you want to post anonymously. I could very well be logging everything about you, which is why you should be taking steps to make sure I could never identify you.